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Full Service Beauty Salon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mimada means "Pampered" in Spanish

And we all should know the meaning of this soothing word...
Mimada Beauty Bazaar is brought alive by the dynamic mother and daughter team of Markely Aguiar and Luz Mancebo.
Our mission is to provide exceptional and classic service, cementing contemporary styles in an elegant atmosphere. We at Mimada Beauty Bazaar are committed to customer service and strive to exceed the expectations of the customer. Mimada’s team of professionals is equipped to provide the best service in hair. We at Mimada believe in the global representation of beauty in all women. This transcends into diversity. Mimada is staffed with an international team of professionals trained to work in all types of hair and skin. Mimada understands diversity and is proud to offer service to the full spectrum of women.
Mimada Beauty Bazaar was created with the intention of continued growth of the ethnic diversity that is being developed in the city of Philadelphia, with South Street as the focus.